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Voice Talents Voice Over Talents

At CreatiVoices, not only do we have cutting-edge studios and an elite production crew, but we also boast an exceptional lineup of voice-over professionals.

Our roster includes over 500 diverse voice artists, spanning all genders and age groups.

With the capacity to deliver in over 40 current languages, dialects, and accents, we're confident in matching you with the ideal talent for your requirements.

Voice Training

At CVAP, our focus is deep-rooted in the intricacies of the voice-over world. With a team of local and international voice-over specialists at the helm of each aspect, we seamlessly integrate our collective expertise. This allows us to establish a comprehensive education center, producing some of the most successful talents in the industry.

Audio Dubbing

 Recognized as the premier Filipino Dubbing and Voice Over Company, CreatiVoices stands unparalleled in connecting Filipino voice talents to the global stage and bringing international voices to the Philippines. Our track record speaks for itself: over 500 projects delivered to more than 80 countries worldwide. Your voice, our platform — where the world listens.

Industry-leading documentation

Our documentation and extensive Client libraries contain everything a business needs to build a custom integration.

Designing for people

We actively pursue the right balance between functionality and aesthetics, creating delightful experiences.

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We Provide Essential Voice Over Services For You

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Versatile Voice-Over Solutions

We offer diverse voice talent, multilingual capabilities, and customized services for your voice-over projects

  • Diverse Voices
  • 2. Multilingual Options
  • Tailored Services
Voice-Over Solutions

Enhance Your Brand's Communication

Get professional voice-over services that elevate your advertising campaigns, captivate learners, and bring stories to life

  • 25% Increase in Retention
  • 1.7X User Base Growth
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Integration Without the Hassle

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What Our Clients Are Saying

CreatiVoices Productions exceeded our expectations with their diverse talent pool and exceptional service. They delivered a perfect voice-over for our international commercial." - John Smith, Marketing Director

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John Davis


We were impressed by the multilingual capabilities of CreatiVoices Productions. They provided us with high-quality voice-overs in multiple languages for our e-learning modules." - Sarah Thompson, Training Manager

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Michael Rodriguez


CreatiVoices Productions is our go-to voice-over company. They always deliver customized and professional voice-overs that bring our corporate videos to life

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Lisa Evans



Pick the pricing that fits for you


$19 /Monthly

Affordable starter pricing for professional voice-over services tailored to your needs

Select Lite
  • Basic Voice-Over Package
  • Standard Audio Quality
  • Single Language Option
  • Up to 1 Minute Voice-Over Length
  • Fast Turnaround Time


$25 /Monthly

Level up your voice-over projects with our professional pricing tier

Select Pro
  • Enhanced Audio Quality
  • Multilingual Options Available
  • Extended Project Length
  • Priority Turnaround Time
  • Professional Script Editing


$30 /Monthly

Unleash the power of teamwork with our third pricing tier for superior voice-over results

Select Team
  • Unlimited Voice Options
  • Advanced Audio Quality
  • Extended Project Length
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

What types of voice-over services do CreatiVoices Productions provide?

CreatiVoices Productions offers a wide range of voice-over services for various applications, including commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, audiobooks, e-learning modules, and more

Question 2: Can CreatiVoices provide voice-overs in different languages?

Yes, aside from English and Filipino, CreatiVoices has multilingual capabilities and can provide voice-overs in various languages, catering to global projects requiring multilingual services

Question 3: Can CreatiVoices customize their voice-over services?

CreatiVoices prides itself on its customization and flexibility. They can adapt to different tones, styles, and formats to meet the specific needs of each project and client

Question 4: What is the quality of the audio production provided by CreatiVoices?

Answer 4: CreatiVoices ensures high-quality audio production with their professional recording studios and equipment. They handle all aspects of post-production, including editing and mixing, to deliver exceptional results

Question 5: What industries does CreatiVoices cater to?

CreatiVoices caters to a wide range of industries, including advertising, corporate presentations, educational materials, entertainment media, and more. They have the expertise to serve diverse voice-over needs

Question 6: Do CreatiVoices offer online services?

Yes, recognizing the global nature of their business, CreatiVoices offers online audition and delivery of voice-over projects

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